EoT Ecosystems of Trust

Imagine every connected device in your home, SmartTV, Speaker, Heating, SmartLamp, can provide proof of its state. Now imagine the machines in an Industrial Manufacturing Plant. What about Building Management System in a Shopping Mall?


RAX - Everyday systems as remote attestation tools
RAK - Remote Attestation Keyboard - Useful when abroad
RAW - Remote Attesattion Watch - Can attest everything around and is always with you, the ultimate remote attestation.

Open-silicon TPM

Announced in 2018, Our goal to have open-silicon TPM in 2020. In November 2019, Google confirmed OpenTitan development, a HSM, not TPM. Still, two important goals that need focus.

What's next?

Check your TPM

Choose one of the available TPM Stacks and try to get the status of the TPM on your computer, it already has one. This is the quickest way to get a feel for the state of the technology. In the meantime, we are preparing tutorials and articles.

Ask a question

Join our community and ask your question, technical or not, all questions are answered.


Come meet us

We have  Events  both online and in person, whatever your preference is, feel free to drop by and share waht you think about our 2020 vision.